Sent To Siberia

Preaching the Gospel to the Rurals of Siberia

A Brief History of the Mission
It was like this…
First time in Krasnoyarsk0001
David and June Walker answered the call of the Lord in 1993, selling their possessions and moving, with their four children to Riga Latvia where they studied Russian, preparing to work in Siberia.

In 1994 the Walker family found themselves in Krasnoyarsk, a city of a million people located in central Siberia. 

Mycah and Ira with children0001
David had always felt that the family's mission would be to minister in rural areas that had never yet heard the  Gospel or had a Church. So in the fall of 1994 David and his two older children, Mycah and Justus, made several "scouting trips" to various towns and villages. By September they had discovered the town of Oseenavy Mees, in the Boguchany region north of Krasnoyarsk.

Second youth camp0001
The next six years were spent in ministering in Oseenavy and the surrounding towns and villages. The ministry then included pastoring the small church in Oseenavy, feeding and housing needy children, helping with adoptions, assisting in the importing of humanitarian aid, teaching English, setting up youth camps and other youth outreach programs and assisting in setting up other churches in the area. 

Conference in Boguchani0001
In 1996 David helped in the establishment of a church in Boguchany, the regional center. In 1998 a church was formed in Chuniyar, a town some forty kilometers east of Oseenavy, and in 1999 established a church in the Evenky territory far to the north. 

In the year 2000 the Walker family returned to the US this time to stay. Justus, however, felt led of the Lord to return to Russia and continue the ministry.

For two years Justus served as the director of a Christian recording studio in Krasnoyarsk. During this time he continued to work with the rural churches, often traveling the circuit, preaching, teaching and exhorting the believers to stand strong. 

Justus at Boguchani orphanage0001
In 2003 Justus stepped in as Pastor of the Oseenavy church when the current Pastor was unable to continue in that role. Justus continues to serve in the Boaguchany Region today.

Fourth youth camp
David and June Walker have since adopted four Russian children (Nadya, Victor, Vasya and Misha) and live with them in North Idaho, working the "home base" end of the ministry.

The Walkers ministry has touched countless lives, helped procure families for orphans and churches for villages that never had heard the Gospel before. This ministry has formerly been known as The Walker Witness.

The change in the name to Siberia For Christ has come about because of the involvement of many other people, all working together to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to rural Siberia.